How do I purchase an item?

This Sale Agreement is a legal agreement and arrangement between the Customer and “AZOOYA MERCHANT”. The Sale Agreement is accepted when the Customer shops on the online Site, make a purchase or places an order. In the plight of an event that causes any sort of conflict, the terms issued in the pages of the Site will govern. The content, information, and material dispensed in the pages of AZOOYA Merchant's application/website (the "Information of Interest") are liable to changes (without revealing a prior notice) by updating this posting. Moreover, the terms and conditions provided on the Site will be used when the Customer places or changes an order initially, therefore, overseeing the order in question. In addition, you concur to evaluate the Terms frequently and your continued access or utilization of the Site will indicate that you agree to any changes made in the posting.

Loss Prospects

Ownership of goods that are purchased will be passed to the purchaser when being delivered to the purchaser, except if the purchased goods are unsuccessful for any reason or unless otherwise specified. Any damage or Loss occurred during delivery by a carrier (shipping etc.) selected by AZOOYA is AZOOYA’s responsibility. Furthermore, any Loss or damage that occurred during the delivery by a carrier via shipping or other modes of transportation chosen by the Customer is solely the Customer's responsibility.

Broad Legal Disclaimer

AZOOYA hereby explicitly denies all warranties that are either implied or expressed, including, without constraint, any type of warranty that imposes fitness or merchantability for a distinct purpose. This disclaimer by AZOOYA has no impact on the terms of the warranty provided by the manufacturers’ if any.

Products from Third-party category

All products sold by AZOOYA are third party goods and are under subjection to the representations and warranties of the pertinent manufacturers. Consequently, AZOOYA creates no warranty or representation in regards to the fitness for purpose or to the quality of goods sold.

Order Contract, Billing and Payment Notice

When you place an order to buy a product from AZOOYA, we will transmit you an e-mail which confirms your order receipt as well as mention other important order details. Acceptance of an order will be finalized at the time we transmit the dispatch confirmation e-mail to you. Dispatch of any products that are placed on the same order but are not confirmed in a dispatch confirmation e-mail will not be consigned since it does not form part of that agreement.

You are free to view your provisional invoice online after making a confirmation for your order. Also, this tentative bill will be mailed to your specified email ID before enabling the delivery of your products listed in the order. In addition, you will be issued with a copy of the eventual invoice at the time of delivery. Payments can be suggested and made by either mode of cash or through debit/credit cards. Moreover, the payment has to be transacted instantly on the delivery of the ordered products.

Product Information

All products listed on the AZOOYA website/application are expressed to the best of our abilities. Moreover, the specifications listed in the Site are information that has been imparted to us. Utmost and sincere care is taken to guarantee this information is accurate, although, it is certain that we cannot eradicate the probable chances of human error.

Disclaimer - Pricing and Information

Pricing is vulnerable to change. For all products, offers, and prices, AZOOYA maintains the right to ensure adjustments due to product discontinuation, changing market conditions, inaccuracy in advertisements, price changes by manufacturers, and other mitigating situations. Furthermore, AZOOYA employs suitable efforts to include contemporary and accurate information on the Site.

Disclaimer - Debit, Credit Card and Net Banking payment method(s)

AZOOYA does not take liability or culpability for either direct or indirect momentous & damage losses caused by the usage of unapproved and fraudulent credit/debit cards and other modes of net banking payment methods. AZOOYA does not take liability or culpability for either direct or indirect momentous & damage losses allied with goods that are damaged during its’ delivery. By agreeing and adhering to these terms and conditions, the Customer hereby accepts that he/she has adequate knowledge of this disclaimer; he/she has engaged in this transaction and has accepted this notice of his or her own free will.

Warranty Disclaimer

The data, information, and services made available at this application/website are offered on an "as-is" basis for the sole purpose of providing sufficient informational only and without any kind of warranty, either implied or described, including but not restricted to, the specified warranties of fitness and merchantability for a certain purpose.

Liability Limitations

AZOOYA will not be accountable for the loss of business, loss of profits, or other unique, significant, indirect, or severe damages, or for any claim by any third party, even if told of the possibility of such damages, except as specifically given herein. AZOOYA will also not be responsible for products or services that are either lost or not being made available for use or corrupted software or data. The Customer consents to the fact that for any hindrance caused to the purchase of products or services, AZOOYA is not blameworthy or liable for any amount of damages beyond the aggregate dollar amount compensated by the customer for the purchase(s) he/she has made under this agreement.